About us

2015 The Modern Theatre started to work with the Virtual Reality project Oculus Transformer – to walk in someone else’s shoes together with the company Kreativitetsbanken and got funding for from talent hub Boost HBG, Film i Skåne and ALMI – and then an even a larger amount from VINNOVA and Kulturbryggan came in – to achieve the goal; to create a 3D experience / game in Virtual Reality, for young people, focusing on the theme of ethics and empathy.

From 2016 The Modern Theatre also work with developing the new company DoGoodGames, where we produce stories and Empathy-games mostly for computer, VR (animated) and Film (both VR and 2d) but sometimes there will be real live events.

January 2016 the first game in VR was ready. It´s the first game of three in a DoGoodGames-series about bullying in school. The target group is eight graders, and the game is called ”Make Happy”.

Make Happy – VR game Duration 3-5 minutes, and the mission is to make a sad schoolmate happy through some actions. A quite nice little game. Next game coming up, is not as nice.

During spring 2016 next game is due to come and and it´s called ”In the schoolyard no one can hear you scream”…



Jannike Grut Artistic director, CEO and actress at The Modern Theatre/Moderna Teatern, with background in theater, performance and film. The Modern Theatre today produces both theatre, film and new media, like Virtual Reality. In Do Good Games Jannike Grut is Conceptual director and story desginer.





Karolina Petrusson Graphical artist and interaction designer in the project Do Good Games. Getting her Bachelor in Digital design at Högskolan Kristianstad in spring 2016 and will be tending to concept design and any graphical 2D content.






Alexander Gesse Game designer and programmer for  the project Do Good Games.
Has a Bachelor degree in Media technologies and studies Digital games as material for learning in schools.






Johan Ohlsson, 3-D artist  (external consultant, by Studio-e)

Studio-e works with the latest 3D tecnology in photography, since several years back.
This technology is the ground for Virtual Reality experiences. It creates endless possiblaties and innovative ways to
create immersive and atmospheric environments.

Johan also has a strong personal interest in this VR project about empathy and ethics. He experiments a lot with the shape of our creations and renders unique and artistic environments.

Studio e is one of swedens largest leading company in picture-production. Studio e resides in Helsingborg and their facilities reach a space of 700 m2.