The production in both ”To walk in someone else´s shoes” and in ”Do Good Games” will be a collaborative project between artists like directors, scriptwriters/screenwriters, story designers and directors of visual content on the one hand and game designers, 3- D artists, interaction-designers and graphic-designers on the other.

We also want to create a discussion among artists game designers and scientists to investigate and provide new insights and ideas for the development of VR experiences. We will continuously co-operate with schools and higher educations to develop our ideas and try out our prototypes and to produce innovative ideas and productions, new ways of storytelling.

We will allow researchers to continually try parts of our VR-games on the subjects, to see how the brain and emotions react to the environmental and visual impulses in VR. We are right now creating partnerships with researchers.

Johan Ohlsson, 3-D artist  (external consultant, by Studio-e)
Studio-e works with the latest 3D tecnology in photography, since several years back.
This technology is the ground for Virtual Reality experiences. It creates endless possiblaties and innovative ways to
create immersive and atmospheric environments.

Johan also has a strong personal interest in this VR project about empathy and ethics. He experiments a lot with the shape of our creations and renders unique and artistic environments.

Studio-e is one of Swedens largest leading company in picture-production. Studio e resides in Helsingborg and their facilities reach a space of 700 m2.