Performance art?

What is performance art? Characteristic features for this kind of art, which is presented to the audience, can be carefully planned or spontaneous, with or without participation from the audience, with the artist present or absent. The artwork can be created in different places and in different environments and for a short or longer time.

It can point out different situations which often affects four basic elements: time, space, the artist’s body and the presence, or the relationship between the artist and the audience. But it is the individual or group acts in a certain place and during a certain period of time that constitutes the artpieces.

Typical is the crossover between different art directions. Other recurring themes and expressions, for example, political action and ritual corporeality. The purpose is diverse, but the basic has been a desire to reach beyond established art forms and connections.

Forerunners and precursor to performance art can be found in Futurism, Dadaism and Surrealism.” (Wiki)