Virtual reality?

What is Virtual Reality/VR? We work in Virtual Reality with the technical glasses Oculus Rift. VR is a new technical tool. Virtual reality goggles that provide a unique experience of actually being there in the game in a completely fascinating 3D -experience. The technology provides an incredibly special experience emotionally. VR can be produced in both 3d animation and 3d film – both in 360 degrees (or 180 degrees) as an art piece or just an experience, documentary, or games in educational form.

VR is with good results all over the world, used as a tool for psychological development, in different ways. Such as the trauma in the military and among the kidnap victims, to defuse phobias and in other various fields to create empathy.

The technology is new and potential in this area is still unexplored, so new VR-movies and VR-products spreads rapidly on a global scale.